Are you tired of going through life without a clear direction or purpose?

Do you long to achieve your dreams and aspirations but struggle to turn them into reality?

Welcome to "Navigating to Intentional Living," where we believe that the key to unlocking a life of fulfillment lies in the transformative skill of goal setting.

Unlock Your Full Potential: Master the Art of Goal Setting for an Intentional and Purposeful Life!

  • Introducing "Goal Setting" - Your Pathway to Success and Fulfillment

    In this empowering course, we dive deep into the heart of intentional living, providing you with the essential tools, knowledge, and insights to set SMART goals that propel you towards a life of purpose and achievement. "Goal Setting" is your transformative journey towards unlocking your true potential and turning your dreams into actionable, achievable targets.

  • The Power of Setting SMART Goals

    Goal setting is the cornerstone of intentional living. In "Goal Setting," you'll master the art of crafting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals that provide you with a clear roadmap to success. Say goodbye to vague aspirations, and embrace the power of well-defined objectives that lead you to greatness.

  • Embrace a Goal-Oriented Mindset

    A goal-setting mindset is the foundation of success. "Goal Setting" will teach you how to cultivate a positive and resilient attitude towards challenges, fostering unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and stay focused on your journey to success.

  • The Importance of Goal Setting

    Discover why goal setting is not just a mere activity but an essential life skill that breeds success. From boosting motivation and self-confidence to enhancing time management skills, "Goal Setting" illuminates the myriad benefits of goal-driven living.

  • Key Principles of Goal Setting

    Setting goals is an art, and we'll unveil the key principles that seasoned achievers and successful individuals apply. By understanding these principles, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to set ambitious yet attainable goals that inspire growth and personal development.

  • Goal Tracking and Progress Evaluation

    Goal setting doesn't end with writing down objectives; tracking progress is equally vital. In "Goal Setting," you'll explore effective techniques for monitoring your achievements, making necessary adjustments, and celebrating each milestone on your journey.

What's In This Course For You

    1. Welcome to Navigating to Intentional Living

    2. Course Information

    3. Course Objectives

    4. Meet Your Instructor

    5. The Navigating to Intentional Living Blueprint

    6. Defining Your Vision

    1. Objectives

    2. What is Goal and Goal Setting

    3. How to Set Your SMART Goals

    4. Why is Goal Setting Important?

    5. Key Principles of Goal Setting

    6. Skills Required in Goal Setting

    7. How to Develop a Goal-Setting Mindset?

    8. Mindsets You Must Develop to Achieve Your Goals

    9. Make Goals That Matter

    10. Quiz

    11. References

    1. Schedule Your Coaching

    1. A Message For You

    2. Evaluation Form

    3. Next Step

Goal Setting Plus One-on-One Coaching

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  • 21 lessons

Meet Your Coach

Theodora Carter

Navigation Specialist

After 20+ years of working a 9-5 I decided to become a certified professional coach which lead to me starting a coaching business.

My goal is to empower women to change their lives. Think of me as your Navigation Specialist. I work with individuals to help them navigate the twists and turns in life. I empower women to change their lives. Through a process that starts with self-discovery my clients learn how to deal with the obstacles and challenges they encounter in life to create the life they desire and deserve. Using my own experiences I help my clients create strategies that enable them to achieve their goals and change their story.

I am a published author, you-tube network co-host, speaker and founder of T. Carter Coaching & Consulting.

I have created the Navigating to Intentional Living Program to help women transform and reclaim their life and move from status-quo living to thriving.

Unlock Your True Potential - Enroll in "Goal Setting" Now!

Don't let another opportunity slip by without mastering the life-changing art of goal setting. Enroll in "Goal Setting" now and unleash your true potential, turning your aspirations into a reality that surpasses your wildest dreams.