Are you ready to change your narrative?

Imagine if you could navigate the detours, obstacles and challenges that are holding you back from achieving the life that you desire.

Change your narrative, change your life!

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About this program

Navigating to Intentional Living is an on-line coaching program that will enable you to benefit from affordable coaching that provides tools in six core areas. The focus of the program is to help you get clear on the vision for your life and identify the areas you need to work on to live your vision. The program allows you to work at your own pace by completing several e-courses.

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase an e-course and complete the module at your own pace & sign up for a 20-minute Q & A call/zoom meeting with me.

  • Purchase an e-course plus a 45-minute coaching session.

  • Access to the private Harmony Room Community group on FB

Your Outcome

You will emerge from this program with tools that provide structure and direction on how to live an intentional and purposeful life created by you. Most of all you will achieve peace which leads to Harmony.

The program is affordable, allows you to work at your own pace, and provides access to a certified coach that will partner with you and encourage you along your journey.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

I am here to help you navigate your life. Work with me.

Let's find your way and build a roadmap to turn your dreams into reality.


Meet Your Instructor

Theodora Carter

Navigation Specialist

After 20+ years of working a 9-5 I decided to become a certified professional coach which lead to me starting a coaching business.

My goal is to empower women to change their lives. Think of me as your Navigation Specialist. I work with individuals to help them navigate the twists and turns in life. I empower women to change their lives. Through a process that starts with self-discovery my clients learn how to deal with the obstacles and challenges they encounter in life to create the life they desire and deserve. Using my own experiences I help my clients create strategies that enable them to achieve their goals and change their story.

I am a published author, you-tube network co-host, speaker and founder of T. Carter Coaching & Consulting.

I have created the Navigating to Intentional Living Program to help women transform and reclaim their life and move from status-quo living to thriving.

Hear What Students Are Saying

““Working with Theodora helped me to clear up a lot of the ideas going around in my head and gave me direction along with a way to organize it all piece by piece. I started to approach things and tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Often I am going and chasing so many things that I do not take the time to stop and really look at what I am doing and how I am doing it. Talking about the process provided clarity. I learned that being intentional and having a plan for the day is key to getting things done; otherwise I will just drown in a state of overwhelmingness. I will now be easier on myself. I won't be so hard and critical. I will be kinder to myself. I will not get discouraged because something didn't work the way I planned; I will work out a new plan. Overall, I was hoping to get a grasp on how to handle things better; be more organized and less stressed about my never ending "to do" list. My expectations were met for sure.””

A. Woods

““My experience with Theodora was impactful. Theodora is very professional and has a calming demeanor. She skillfully guided me towards finding my own solutions rather than telling me what I should be doing. Her approach helped me establish a plan for reaching my goals and the vision for my life. I look forward to future sessions.” ”

T. Johnson

““I have known Theodora for over 20 years. We have worked together, as HR leaders and she is a dear friend of mine. After years in the HR space providing advice, counsel and coaching, I was super excited when she decided to expand her expertise with her own Coaching & Consulting business. Timing wise was perfect for me. Not only did I want to support her endeavor, but around the same time I found myself floundering and in need of some personal and professional coaching. When you spend your time advising and counseling others, you sometimes need to be recharged. She worked with me to regain perspective and had me put in the work to reprioritize some things (there was homework). While our friendship gave her greater insight into me, she managed our sessions professionally in the coaching capacity that I retained her for. This included having some tough conversations with me when needed. The sessions were invaluable. I highly recommend her!” ”

L. Bradley

Are you ready to live the life you desire and deserve?